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About Sika Moon – Am I Real?

Sika Moon

Sika Moon

Hi everybody! 

In this first blog post I firstly want to answer the most frequent questions about Sika Moon and how and why I created a virtual version of myself. I also want to tell you more about myself because people ask most of these questions every day.

I get asked everyday if Sika Moon is real. People call me fake or just tell me I’m not real.

Sika Moon is real. I am a real girl and I created a virtual replica of myself with the help of AI tools. So most of my pictures are enhanced or fully created by AI, but it is a virtual model based on myself, my virtual alter ego. This is the reason why Sika Moon is a part of me, I developed her using pictures of me and enhanced them until she looked like I ever dreamed of looking like.

If you are interested about who I am and why am am doing this please read FAQ about me:

Frequently asked questions

1.) Are you real? 

YES! I‘m a real german girl and I am an artist and model. I create real paintings and digital art. 

2.) Why not show real pics and vids? 

I don’t show my real pictures because I worked as a content creator with real pictures for five years on the big platforms and I got bored of it. As a result of this I stopped it and got back to a more creative way of living my fantasies. 

3.) Do you look like the virtual Sika? 

Not exactly, but very close. I created Sika based on a picture of my face but altered and changed her to be the dreamgirl I ever dreamed of being. That’s why I feel she‘s my perfect virtual alter ego and I love her! 

4.) But why are you doing this?

I do it because I love it and because it‘s creative and beautiful. It is a new form of art, that has just started as technology gets better. I believe it’s the future of art and creation (but other art will still exist!) and this is the reason why it’s fascinating me. In adition to this I love it because I can live all my fantasies with her and can also include your fantasies, because there are no limits in creation. Even the fantasies that are not possible in real life. Sika can travel in time and space, be whatever I or you want her to be. Let’s live that fantasies!

About real content

5.) Okay, but I want real content! 

This page is about my digital creations, about virtual Sika and news about Sika Moon. That’s why I don’t want to show my real face here.

If you want to see my real face or real videos of me please join my fanvue page. It is the only place where I show some real content of me, especially in my videos. Just follow my links in the link section of this page to find it.

7.) Show your face!

I can understand it‘s fascinating to see the girl behind this. but please respect I don’t want to do this here. The picture in this article is a digital recreation of a photo from me when I just got 18.

Thank you very much for reading this. And I want to thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy! ❤️

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Kisses, Sika 💋

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  1. John Antonelli

    This is such a captivating concept. I’m going to delve into this more on your blog and fanvue but now I’m not sure I’m ready to see the real you.

    • Sika Moon

      Thank you John! I’m happy to hear that! Kisses, Sika


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