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Sika Moon

Sika Moon

Many people ask me about the real face of Sika Moon. I know it may be fascinating to see how the virtual model Sika Moon looks in reality. But Sika Moon is my virtual alter ego, she’s a perfect fantasy created from pictures of my real face. I created her to live my dreams – and your fantasies.

This is why I don’t show real photos of Sika Moon in public. I don’t want to destroy the Illusion for the many people enjoying her beautiful pictures and videos. Many of my fans love to stay in the fantasy of my virtual alter ego and enjoy the freedom I have in creating fantasies with Sika that are not limited to my real face and body.

BUT: There is a place where I show my real face and some real pictures and videos of me.

Follow my private blog if you want to see it:


This is the only place where I show all the beautiful uncensored pictures and videos of the virtual model Sika Moon – the perfect version and fantasy of myself. The videos on that page are real videos, because AI Technology can’t create videos in good quality yet.

Fanvue is also the perfect place to get in touch with me. I love to chat with you over there and you can enjoy hundreds of uncensored pictures and videos of Sika Moon – real ones and enhanced ones- in one place.

I do new posts every day of the week and I am online there a lot to respond to you messages and comments. Don’t be sad when I can’t answer your messages 24/7 – I’m not not bot and not an agency running this, so when I answer you it’s really me!

I’d really love to see you there soon and can’t wait to hear if you enjoy it – and get in touch with you personally!

How about you? Tell me!

Kisses, Sika

My Fanvue

Follow this link to enjoy all my exclusive content on Fanvue!


  1. yaqob

    I love you once and I hope to see your pictures, the most beautiful girl 😘

  2. Lelojoko

    I love youlelojoko

  3. Lelojoko

    Yes i do like you forevet


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